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Tractorgrease and 89.5 The Hawk at Chilliwack Ex

We're teaming up again to supply entertainment for the Chilliwack Exhibition Aug 6th to Aug 8th. Music during the day and night with sound and lights by Tractorgrease Multimedia.

Nighttime shows start at 8:00 pm Aug 6th Ben Lum, Quinn Patterson and The Tractorgrease Folk

8:00 pm Aug 7th Women of Britain, The Stirs and The Left

Daytime performers will include : The Black Doves, Front Bottom, Cameron Latimer, Calico Thief, Dan Bremnes, Jason Guill, Teapot Hill and many more.

Daytime shows from Aug 6th to Aug 8th from Noon til 4pm

So show up at Chilliwack's Heritage Park

Tractorgrease Night at Party in the Park

July 30th in Chilliwack's Central Park Tractorgrease is having a showcase featuring some of the bands recording at the studio.

Calico Thief
Ben Lum
Quinn Patterson
The Tractorgrease Folk
The Stirs
Relic's Jetboat

It's a free show and starts at 7pm

Music 101 a Success

Thanks to 89.5 The Hawk for sponsoring this event. We were able to get some of Vancouver's finest music entrepreneurs out to share their knowledge.

Here's a link and thanks to the Chilliwack Times for this article

Music Business 101 Seminar Sponsored by 89.5 The Hawk

The music biz is a competitive business and it's continually changing. The most successful people in music combine artistic merit with a keen knowlege of the business itself. Tractorgrease has teamed up with 89.5 The Hawk to offer a music 101 seminar with some of Canada's most successful music entrepreneurs.

On Saturday Jan 9th 2010 at Tractorgrease Studio you could learn from the best.

Apply to attend by sending an email to and include the following info:

1) 150 words Biography of your musical act.
2) 150 words on your intentions and goals in the music business.
3) Link to your website, myspace or facebook page

The following guest speakers are booked :

Dave Genn - producer/guitarist

Dave has produced albums for Hedley, Mariannas Trench, Armchair Cynics and Daniel Wesley and many others. After spending 6 yrs in the Matthew Good Band he joined 5440 and has written the last few albums with that band.

Steve Dawson - record label owner/multi instrumentalist/producer

Steve owns the record label Black Hen, has numerous Juno awards on his mantle and is continuosly in demand for his producing abilities. When you see him play guitar, pedal steel, banjo or any other stringed instrument you'd think that's all he did.

Barney Bentall - performer/producer

Barney signed a record deal with a major in 1988, won a Juno in 1989 and toured his 5 studio albums until 2000. He is now embracing the new music business and has just released 2 new album's with the independent label True North.

Ken Beattie Publicist/ Owner of Killbeat Music

Killbeat is an award winning national media company that has launched over 300 albums in the last 5 years by artists from every corner of Canada and in between as well as the US, UK and Europe.

Trent Reznor on the Music business

Here's a blog by Trent Reznor about how to be successful in today's music business. One of the suggestions he made:

"Give people a reason to return to your site all the time. Put up a bulletin board and start a community. Engage your fans (with caution!) Make cheap videos. Film yourself talking. "

We're set up at Tractorgrease to make great live videos or interviews at a reasonable price.

If you are an unknown / lesser-known artist trying to get noticed / established: