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Mother Mother at Tractorgrease

In cooperation with 89.5 The Hawk, Mother Mother will be performing at our studio. We'll be airing it live on 89.5 The Hawk and live streaming the show at

They are one of my favourite bands as they offer something very original yet have seen considerable success.

The Tractorgrease Folk

While we aren't recording or filming other acts we use Tractorgrease Studio for our own projects. The Tractorgrease Folk is a collection of songs and artists inspired by what's goin on here at the studio.

Timmer's Song by The Tractorgrease Folk from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

The Left live at Tractorgrease

We live streamed an acoustic performance by The Left, this is the song "Drinking About You"

The Left Live at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Jim Byrnes live at Tractorgrease

Steve Dawson brought in some artists from his Black Hen label for some live performances. This video is from legendary bluesman Jim Byrnes doing a song called "Jailbird".

Check out other great Black Hen artists at

Jim Byrnes Live at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

The Sojourners Live at Tractorgrease

We had a Tractorgrease Session with Black Hen artists The Sojourners.