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Rockland Moran video for Late Night Talk

Rockland had an idea of a lonely insomniac obtaining too much information from the media. Here's the video :

Rockland Moran Late Night Talk from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Billy the Kid at Tractorgrease

I met Billy at the Ridley Bent show we put on a week ago (May 28th 2010). She came out with Adam PW Smith an amazing photographer who's visited the studio a few times.

After checking out the place Billy thought it was a good idea to do some videos. She's a great performer and the songs really shine. Like this one called "Alison"

Check her out at :

Billy the Kid Live at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Tempermental Existence by Quinn

Quinn showed up with some great songs and needed to get them out there. We recorded this song and then shot a video for it. Some photos and a myspace site later and he's got some cool ways to spread the word about his music.

Tempermental Existence by Quinn from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Mother Mother Live at Tractorgrease (Body of Years)

March 14th 2010 we were lucky to have this awesome band play live at our studio. In co operation with 89.5 The Hawk this show was aired live on the radio.

Mother Mother at Tractorgrease (Body of Years) from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Rockland Moran at Tractorgrease on No Depression

We just shot this video for Across The River by Rockland Moran

Rockland Moran at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.