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Eyes Wide Open by The Stirs

Here's The Stirs with their new song "Eyes Wide Open". The band wanted to get back to real sounding rock music so Tractorgrease was a great fit. We used all real takes and real sounds with real drums. Normally with a young band it'd be tough to do this but at 16 and 17 yrs old this band can play. Stay tuned for their EP to be released soon.

The song was recorded at Tractorgrease Studio during the Summer 2010. The video was shot with the help of Adam PW Smith.

The Stirs Eyes Wide Open from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Music 101 Seminar at Tractorgrease

The fine folks at 89.5 The Hawk continue to build the music community here in the Fraser Valley. In co op with Tractorgrease we are bringing music industry professionals in to teach the tips and tricks that lead to a successful career.

Nov 13th - Kick off to Music 101

Universal Music publicist Sarah Hawkins will be discussing how to get your music out to the world via radio, magazines, social networking. Music as a business will be discussed with Graham Way who has experience in publishing and distribution.Program director Glen Slingerland from The Hawk will discuss how to prepare and represent yourself well in an interview.

Sarah Hawkins from Universal Music
Graham Way
Glen Slingerland from 89.5 The Hawk
Kevin Gau from The Left

and more to come

Dec 4th - How sound works - recording and live sound

featuring guest Kevin Forsgren sound tech for 5440, Bif Naked and many more

Jan 8th - the grande Finale

Guest confirmed are:

Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother
Steve Dawson Juno Award winning Guitarist and Producer

To Apply send a short bio to

There will be a studio prize package available for the most dedicated attendee.

Stir Episode 3 featuring Quinn Patterson

The local Shaw program "Stir" Episode 3 edited by Brad Paterson

Next episode will feature "These Kids Wear Crowns"

Quinn Patterson on Stir from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Stir Episode 2 featuring The Stirs

Here's episode 2 of the show I'm hosting from Shaw TV called "Stir".

The Stirs are the guests on this one.

Stir Episode 2 feat... The Stirs from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Another Live video from Tractorgrease

For me it's all about how a band sounds live. In the new music business landscape the live show is a primary source of income. It only makes sense to showcase your live show through a live video recording.

Here's Ridley Bent doing a song off his "Rabbit on My Wheel" record called "SHe's Still Living With Her EX"

Ridley Bent at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.