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Jump The Planet Live at Tractorgrease

Jump the Planet traveled from Princeton BC on a perilous snowy day Jan 21st to record some live tracks at Tractorgrease Studio. This is their song "Fell On A Sword"

We're still offering our 3 Songs recorded live off the floor with video deal for $1000. We also take tons of pics of the session. Bring in your hard drive and the band will have tons of goodies to put up on the interweb.

Live music is where it's at

Fanaticus live at Tractorgrease

On Oct 1st 2011 Fanaticus rocked Tractorgrease Studio. Here's their song "Fanaticus"

filmed,mixed and edited by Jeff Bonner and Kyle Schick

Stir Episode featuring The Tractorgrease Folk

Stir Episode featuring my band The Tractorgrease Folk. The project started with jam sessions playing Jeff Bonner's tunes. Over the last few yrs many players have appeared on recordings or performed at live shows including : Jeff Bonner, Bill Fulton, Quinn Patterson, Jordan McNeill-Bobb, Kyle Schick, Cam Latimer, Geoff Eyre, Tyson Finley, Dakota Hare, Mark Penner aka Mervis Blue, Justin Pinder, Shaggy, J Kleiss, Nick Colebrook, Rick Genge and Chris O'Brien....... hope I didn`t miss anyone. I have a full length CD in the works due out Spring 2012.

MLR Live at Tractorgrease

Here's a live video from MLR playing their song "I Need A Hit"

Filmed, Edited and Mixed by Jeff Bonner and Kyle Schick Sept 17th 2011

EP release for Cameron Latimer and The Tractorgrease Folk Sept 8th at the 'grease

That's right folks another great show at Tractorgrease Studio with Cameron Latimer, The Tractorgrease Folk, Dustin Bentall, Aaron Grant and more................. also featuring these smokin players in the band Adam Dobres, Craig McCaul, Geoff Hicks, Bad Ass Bill Fulton, Jordan McNeill Bobb, Quinn Patterson, Kyle Schick and Mervis Blue.

$12 at the door includes an EP, come on out for a great night of music at the coolest venue in town.