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Tractorgrease Studio was designed with the concept of capturing live performances. Our live venue inside a studio concept has a stage lit up with LED lighting fixtures to create a variety of themes.

We have been capturing the Audio/Video of live events since 2000, these performances include the 5440 live DVD "This is Here This is Now", as well as working with Barney Bentall, Ridley Bent, Mother Mother,The Odds,The Deep Dark Woods, Steve Dawson, Jim Byrnes, Tom Wilson, John Mann and many more.

After setting up our gear in most of Vancouver's venues we had a change of thought, "Let's create an environment where the magic of live performances can be consistently filmed and recorded at a reasonable price.

Tractorgrease has built a large stage with pro lighting to go along with our high definition video system. 24 channels of audio recording allows us to capture live performances like no one else. Our venue allows us to offer high quality packages at a reasonable price.

These packages are designed to offer high value to our customer while still producing a product our company is proud of. We can enhance these projects farther with the use of some other highly creative individuals who wield video cameras or design lighting to augment the show.

We can edit the material farther, both in the audio and video realm or design a DVD with additional material. At Tractorgrease Studio we have a CD/DVD duplication system and the means to post your project on the internet.

Here are some samples filmed at Tractorgrease Studio


2011 Blues Music Award for Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Concert
2011 WCMA Best DVD for Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Concert

2011 BCMA Best Video Director

Quotes :

"Artfully shot by a team helmed by director Jeff Bonner, these are bare bones performances that spark new insights into LHO's songs. It's that most rare visual accompaniment for music that enhances the experience of the songs."

No Depression Review of Lee Harvey Osmonds DVD

Here's an snippet from a recent review on a DVD I edited.

Smartly edited, and beautifully framed from multiple angles, the footage captures the headline performers’ passion and the band’s unflagging enthusiasm on two nights when spirits were running high indeed, and the resulting music carried some spiritual heft no one could have anticipated. That’s a tribute to Dawson’s instincts as both musician and producer, to the artists who were invited to participate and brought their best to the stage, and to the rich, timeless Mississippi Sheiks music. Sometimes all the stars are aligned properly, causing wonderful, even miraculous events to ensue, and this is one such occasion. Verily, the Mississippi Sheiks live. review of The Mississippi Sheiks DVD

Facebook Comment by Head Over Heels

"Thanks everyone! I gotta say, I can't thank Jeff enough for what he did, Considering our budget and time constraints he really made us shine - TRACTORGREASE....ummm HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Adriana Brooks