Top 40 under 40

Thx to Jenn at The Progress for this fine article

Head Over Heels at Tractorgrease

Had a great time working with Head Over Heels, thx for the compliment Adriana, we work hard to deliver the goods.

"Thanks everyone! I gotta say, I can't thank Jeff enough for what he did, Considering our budget and time constraints he really made us shine - TRACTORGREASE....ummm HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

5440 live at Tractorgrease

What a treat to have this legendary band here at the studio again. The staff of 89.5 The Hawk, 6 lucky contest winners and a few Tractorgreasers got an intimate and up close performance from Neil and Dave. Here's the video for I Go Blind

Jump The Planet Live at Tractorgrease

Jump the Planet traveled from Princeton BC on a perilous snowy day Jan 21st to record some live tracks at Tractorgrease Studio. This is their song "Fell On A Sword"

We're still offering our 3 Songs recorded live off the floor with video deal for $1000. We also take tons of pics of the session. Bring in your hard drive and the band will have tons of goodies to put up on the interweb.

Live music is where it's at

Music 101 Jan 7th

It's coming up fast and we can't wait. Music Business 101 has been made possible by 89.5 The Hawk in Chilliwack.

Neil Osborne from legendary band 5440 will be here to discuss songwriting.

Ryan and Molly Guldemond will be on hand to discuss songwriting for Mother Mother and share some singing secrets.

Jan 7th 2012 at 3pm

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