5440 at Tractorgrease Studio

Our first big project at Tractorgrease Studio was none other than legendary Canadian band 5440. I owe alot to this band, because as my metal heroes started wearing too much make up, it was bands such as 5440, The Replacements, and REM that set me on the right path.

5440 have a new album coming out in September 2008, and it's awesome. We made a video for every song on the record, a new approach in this multimedia world which will give their fans lots to enjoy.

This video for the song called "The Chant" was live switched on our new video mixer called the Tricaster Studio. For more info on the Tricaster product from Newtek contact tractorgrease.jeff@gmail.com

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Ridley Bent with 3 CCMA Nominations

We filmed this video in May 2008, and after a few months of radio play Ridley is emerging as bonafide country star. He has been nominated for 3 CCMA Awards
(Canadian Country Music Awards) for his new CD Buckles and Boots. This past weekend at the Edmonton Folk Festival the Penguin Eggs Magazine awarded him with the best New Music Star award. Not sure if that wording is correct.

So his record label Open Road has asked for a new remix of his video, with a quicker ending.

CMT here we come.

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Rockin Night in Canada

We lost the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada and Rick Genge from Spiderlodge has entered his version in the CBC contest. What is really cool about this video is he got his guitar students ages 12 - 16 to play all the guitar parts.

We had alot of fun that day at Tractorgrease headquarters,and we came to the conclusion that the original tune has passed on no matter what CTV has to say about it.

Here's the new one

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Cameron Latimer Live at Tractorgrease

I've known Cameron Latimer for awhile, and it's been a long wait for his first solo album "Fallen Apart". On the first listen I knew it was worth that wait. We got to see Adam Dobres rip it up on the Telecaster as most of the songs on the album were performed with ease. A little interview a few beers and Cam's near constant laughter made this a great evening and video.

Check out www.myspace.com/cameronlatimer

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Jesse Matheson and His Midnight Snacks

It was all about food, french and fornication the day Jesse Matheson and his Midnight Snacks were at Tractorgrease Studio. Their style of dirty campfire tunes comes very easily to this talented and highly entertaining 3 piece. Check out


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