Eager Kreager Beaver at Tractorgrease Studio

JPMP is ...... well I'm not sure what they are, it's kids music but it's not for kids, it's folky drinkin music but it's not that folky and it's better for drug use.

Whatever they are, we had them in the studio for some recordin and video work.

Here's Eager Kreager Beaver

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Ridley Bent Live at Tractorgrease

Live at Tractorgrease Ridley Bent performed 3 sets of acoustic material. 1 set of Blam songs, 1 set of Buckles and Boots and the third set was a new variety.
Crooked and Loaded is one of the new tunes, and it has a Tractorgrease connection, I wrote the chorus with him while we were editing the Heartland Heartbreak video.


a DVD in the works ??

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5440 releases video for "Lucky"

Another video we made in May 2008 as part of a package of 10. Lucky was filmed by Jeff Bonner and Adam Besse while others in the crew took a break.

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Yet another 5440 video from Tractorgrease Studio

This is another video from 5440's album "Northern Soul", this is part of a collection of 10 videos filmed at our studio on one fine day May 2008.

Click below to see the video for "Moonbeach"

Rags to Radio at Tractorgrease

Rags to Radio won a Tractorgrease sponsored Battle of the Bands and this video was their prize.
This event called Garage Bands Unite resulted in a face off between 5 bands that in no way sounded like garage bands. Farewell Fairweather was recorded live off the floor and later some of their fans showed up to add some spice to the performance.

Tractorgrease Studio is open for business, if your band would like a similar recording/ video contact us at tractorgrease@gmail.com

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