Pics from the Barney Bentall Session

We had an awesome show this afternoon with Barney Bentall and John Ellis. The show was broadcast live on the local radio station, 89.5 CHWK The Hawk, and we also broadcast it live on our Stickam stream. We'll be streaming more shows in the near future and hopefully more radio broadcasts. And look for a DVD of this show coming out soon. In the meantime, enjoy a few pics from the show.......after the jump

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Pardon My Striptease at Tractorgrease

Here's an article from the Chilliwack Progress

They interviewed the band "Pardon My Striptease" while they were recording at our studio.

LeE HARVeY OsMOND Live at Tractorgrease

Tom Wilson and Ray Farrugia recorded 11 songs at our studio promoting the upcoming release of the CD "Quiet Evil" . LeE HARVeY OsMOND is a collective of musicians playing music which Tom describes as "folk music with bottom end" We're working on a Live at Tractorgrease DVD, this is the teaser.

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Marq DeSouza at Tractorgrease

Marq came to our studio for an EPK project. More Than a Price was one of many songs he played for us that day, his songwriting abilities blew us away. The songs had so much thought into the lyrics and musical composition that several listens were required to reveal the brilliance. A new album called "And All His Boyish Charms" has just been released.

Check him out at

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Eager Kreager Beaver at Tractorgrease Studio

JPMP is ...... well I'm not sure what they are, it's kids music but it's not for kids, it's folky drinkin music but it's not that folky and it's better for drug use.

Whatever they are, we had them in the studio for some recordin and video work.

Here's Eager Kreager Beaver

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