Stir Episode 3 featuring Quinn Patterson

The local Shaw program "Stir" Episode 3 edited by Brad Paterson

Next episode will feature "These Kids Wear Crowns"

Quinn Patterson on Stir from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

The Odds and more at the Chilliwack Bruins Tailgate Party

Legendary band The Odds is coming to Chilliwack thx to 89.5 The Hawk.
As part of the show a Tractorgrease Showcase featuring : The Stirs , Quinn Patterson and Jason Guill will also be performing.

Check out this great show Saturday Oct 2nd at Prospera Centre in Chilliwack.

Stir Episode 2 featuring The Stirs

Here's episode 2 of the show I'm hosting from Shaw TV called "Stir".

The Stirs are the guests on this one.

Stir Episode 2 feat... The Stirs from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

Another Live video from Tractorgrease

For me it's all about how a band sounds live. In the new music business landscape the live show is a primary source of income. It only makes sense to showcase your live show through a live video recording.

Here's Ridley Bent doing a song off his "Rabbit on My Wheel" record called "SHe's Still Living With Her EX"

Ridley Bent at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

The Stirs at Tractorgrease

The Stirs have been working on a 5 song EP at Tractorgrease, but they wanted to show everyone what they're like live. This all part of the package when recording at Tractorgrease.

The Stirs at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.