Tractorgrease Shindig official line up

Hello again Tractorgrease Shindig and bye bye to Southside Rocks the River. This is a good thing!!!!!! We're hosting a one day free community event with the same number of performers as 3 of our events last year. That's right 14 acts on 2 stages in the middle of the Chilliwack River Valley. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy the music. Refreshments available at Tractorgrease Cafe and our new General Store.

August 20th 2016 it's the Tractorgrease Shindig

Main stage located at Chilliwack Fish and Game Club.

1pm Soundcheck Ed Gallant
1:20 Leah Taylor
1:40 Dion Weisbrod & the Unbranded
2:30 Dennis Bouwman
3:00 Dale Green Band
4:00 The Great Atlas
5:00 The Location
6:00 The Outlaw Poets
7:00 Lakeisha & Rick
8:00 The Tractorgrease Folk
9:15 Naxx
10:00 Rockfish

Tractorgrease Cafe Stage

1:30 Stringer
2:45 Soundcheck Ed
3:35 Leah Taylor
4:35 Lakeisha
5:35 Stringer
6:35 Dion Weisbrod
7:35 Dennis Bouwman
8:45 The Great Atlas

Tractorgrease Shindig

Southside Rocks the River has morphed into Tractorgrease Shindig

Tractorgrease and the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club have partnered up to present a free family friendly music event in the Chilliwack River Valley Saturday Aug. 20th. Music starts at 1pm until 11pm . There will be 2 performance stages , One on the grass at the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club and One at Tractorgrease Cafe.

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Bring a blanket and enjoy the tunes we've been bringing out to the beautiful Chilliwack River Valley.

Live performances by :

The Tractorgrease Folk,
The Great Atlas
Rick Genge
The Location
The Outlaw Poets
Dennis Bouwman
Lakeisha Hewitt
The Dalegreen Band
Rain Penner August,
Dion Weisbrod
Soundcheck Ed Gallant
Stringer and Bru

Summer Shows at Tractorgrease Cafe

Our patio is all ready for some great shows this Summer. We've just finished building a cool stage and an outside bar. Here's a list of some of the acts playing Tractorgrease Cafe:

June 23rd Callum Graham and Kris Schulz
June 25th Chicken-Like Birds
June 30th Yes We Mystic with The Great Atlas
July 2nd CD Release for Dennis Bouwman
July 7th Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio
July 9th The Weber Brothers
July 14th Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson

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Music Business 101 2016

Tractorgrease and 89.5 The Drive present Music Business 101 for 2016.
We will select 12 Singer Songwriters to take part in this workshop that includes:
Live Video Recordings at Tractorgrease Studio
Songwriting and Career workshops with music business professionals including Neil Osborne from 5440.
A series of live shows hosted at Tractorgrease Cafe

The top artist receives a studio package from Tractorgrease Studio

Visit 89.5 The Drive at to sign up

We'll be hosting Auditions at Tractorgrease Cafe on the following dates:

Sunday Jan 31st @ 4pm
Thursday Feb 4th @ 6pm
Sun Feb 7th @ 4pm
Thursday Feb 11th @ 6pm

Our first workshop hosted by Neil Osborne (5440) and Jeff Bonner (Tractorgrease Studio)

Feb 20th @ 4pm

Show Calendar Winter 2016

The Tractorgrease Cafe host an Acoustic Jam/ Open Mic every Friday at 7pm

We also host lots of shows. Phone 604 858 3814 for tickets .Here's what we have booked so far:

Jan 30st Chicken Like Birds and The Soots

Feb 6th Samantha Crain

Feb 13th Songwriters Unite

Feb 20th Neil Osborne from 5440

Feb 27th Chicken Like Birds with Guests

March 5th Dirty Luke & James D Bryan

March 12th Songwriters Unite

March 20th Shawna Caspi

April 7th Jen Lane CD Release